Last Week in Queensland – 19 June 2017


Treasurer Curtis Pitt

The State budget dominated Queensland media in the first half of last week, as did attacks under Parliamentary privilege on the integrity of Paul Pisisale, and the labelling of Caboolture as Australia’s dole bludger capital.  Read all about it here


Last Week in Queensland – 12 June 2017

last-week-logo-2-smallBudget “leaks”, Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisisale’s resignation, and Adani mine’s investment go-ahead dominated the news last week in Queensland: read all about it here:


Last Week in Queensland – 29 May 2017

Opening Parliament 2015

Opening Parliament 2015

Schapelle Corby’s release and the McCulkin murder trial and verdict drove a lot of other news* out, but:

Adani mine subsidies or maybe not, divisions in the State Government, and multiple scandals for One Nation Party … last week in Queensland, here


Last Week in Queensland – 22 May 2017

last-week-logo-2-smallA claimed split in the Government over Adani mine, and blame-shifting over the Cross River Rail project dominated news in Queensland last week:

Last Week in Queensland – 15 May 2017

Corruption in Queensland’s towing industry, criticism of Queensland’s top cop, and reaction to the Federal budget, dominated the news last week in Queensland.

See more here:

Last Week in Queensland – 24 April 2017

last-week-logo-2Crime and Corruption Commission investigating local government elections, roads maybe unready for Commonwealth Games, and the Liberal-National Party clearly lifting their hit-rate on the State Government … last week in Queensland:

Last Week in Queensland – 18 April 2017

Crocodile_warningCrocodiles sinking the State budget, a secret child protection report, toxic foam in the Brisbane River, and delays in post-cyclone aid, dominated news last week in Queensland:

Last Week in Queensland – 10 April 2017

last-week-logo-2Cyclone Debbie – cleaning up, counting the cost, waiting for flood peaks – continued news domination last week in Queensland, along with debate about the Adani mine, and Liberal-National Party/One Nation Party relations:

last-week-logo-2Cyclone Debbie bearing down, M1 upgrade funding secured, the LNP caught offering deals to One Nation,  and Adani mine viability is debated (again, still) – last week in Queensland

Peta Credlin & Political Leadership

peta-and-tony-smallI enjoy freaking out my friends by telling them I like Peta Credlin, formerly Tony Abbott’s Chief of Staff.  Genuinely, I think she was a woman treated unfairly, that she was smart, tough and capable.  Her politics, sure, were an issue.

Now she’s spoken about gender …

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