MikeThe views in this blog are definitely NOT those of my clients.  They might well be aghast.

I’m a lobbyist / government relations consultant, running my own business.  No, it’s not at all like you think.

My chief avocations are election campaigning and Labor Party reform.  I live in Brisbane, Australia.

I’ve previously worked as

  • Industrial officer and organiser for the union now known as United Voice
  • State Secretary (~ State Director or Executive Officer or General Manager) of the Australian Labor Party in the Northern Territory
  • Ministerial Policy Advisor
  • Media Project Officer in the Public Service.

I’m addicted to election campaigns and not looking for a cure: I’m often involved in campaigns that start out as small, cheap and unlikely, and have recently been Campaign Manager for Federal and State seats.

My wife (Janet) and I moved from Darwin to Brisbane with our cat in 2000 – because Brisbane was the next-warmest capital city.  Mitzi the cat sadly expired four days before Barack Obama was elected US President.  I’m sure Tea Partiers can uncover the connection.

I first visited the US in 1996 (Young Political Leaders Exchange, a grateful guest of the US Government to observe the Clinton/Dole Presidential campaign).  I have been back to The Art of Political Campaigning Seminar seven times (presenter and participant), and as a volunteer in the John Kerry (2004) and Barack Obama (2008 & 2012) campaigns.

My business blog is excerpted on my business website: www.ethicalconsulting.com

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