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Voting is Now Voluntary in Australia

Voting is now voluntary in Australia, as a result of a magistrate’s decision in New South Wales – read about it here:




Queensland’s New Opposition Frontbench

New Queensland Opposition frontbench & downloadable biographies, here:




Lobbying in the US – The Basics

Lobbying in the US is very different from lobbying in Australia, and US grassroots lobbying is different again … this article tells you all you need to know about them:




Queensland Government: New Labor Ministry

The New Economic Team

Queensland’s new Ministry was announced today: check it out plus downloadable biographies of Ministers, here




Queensland Government: Key Economic Portfolios

Re-elected Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk

Re-elected Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has on Sunday 10 December 2017 announced part of her new Cabinet ahead of confirmation of the full team.


Read the full article here:




Making Minutes a Thing of Beauty

Are your meeting’s minutes boring, bad, deficient, mysterious?  Our free guide will help.

Check it out, here:




Queensland Election 2017 – What Happens Now?

Queensland Election 2017 – We need a Government, a Premier, and Ministers – What Happens Now?


Find out here: #qldvotes #auspol




How to Lobby

knock-door-MINISTERA great resource if you want something from Government – our updated directory of How To Lobby articles published since 2013, indexed by topics, and entirely free!

Check it out here:




Queensland Election 2017 – Sunday’s Status

Queensland Election 2017 – Sunday’s Status here:




“Can you Chair the Meeting, Please?” III

Points of order, machinery issues/motions, and rulings: this third article helps inexperienced Chairs of formal or semi-formal meetings understand them, and concludes our series – read the whole article here from where you can also download a consolidation of all three articles.