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Queensland Election 2017 – Sunday’s Status

Queensland Election 2017 – Sunday’s Status here:




Peta Credlin & Political Leadership

peta-and-tony-smallI enjoy freaking out my friends by telling them I like Peta Credlin, formerly Tony Abbott’s Chief of Staff.  Genuinely, I think she was a woman treated unfairly, that she was smart, tough and capable.  Her politics, sure, were an issue.

Now she’s spoken about gender …

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Australia’s New Government

Photo: Veni Markovski

Photo: Veni Markovski

Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s new Prime Minister, announced his first Ministry on Sunday 20 September 2015.  They will be sworn in on Monday.

There are many significant  changes, including:

    • An increase in the number of women in Cabinet from two to five (Michaelia Cash, Kelly O’Dwyer, Marise Payne will join Julie Bishop and Sussan Ley);
    • Joe Hockey, Bruce Billson, Eric Abetz, Ian Macfarlane, Kevin Andrews and Michael Ronaldson are all leaving the Ministry, some apparently volunteering to go



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Labor Party National Conference – Preview

Don’t believe what you read in the media (e.g. and on Facebook.


The Australian Labor Party’s triennial National Conference* is in Melbourne in a month – 24 to 26 July – and most analysis you’ll see is desperately …


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Queensland Election: Liberal National Party Review Released

Photo by Andrew Kesper

Photo by Andrew Kesper

On January 31, 2015, Queensland’s Liberal National Party lost State Government by a small margin, after having taken Government in 2012 with a record swing and a huge majority in the Queensland parliament.

Today the LNP released their review of what went wrong for them, and you can download it here …

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More? Women. Now?

7/8 of the women in the 2015 Queensland Cabinet - Coralee O'Rourke isn't in this shot

7/8 of the women in the 2015 Queensland Cabinet – Coralee O’Rourke isn’t in this shot

Very few people will disagree that politics needs to be more representative of the community – if we were truly choosing candidates on merit we would see more women politicians, more indigenous Australians, more migrants and their descendants, and proportionately fewer middle-aged, heterosexual, anglo men.

After the 2015 Queensland State election, the Labor side of the Queensland Parliament is 37% women. Overall the Queensland Parliament is 28% women.

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Members of Parliament: Photos, Contacts, Electorates

parl houseThe Queensland Parliament has updated and issued three guides to the current Parliament:

  • Photographs* of Members of Parliament, sorted by electorate name
  • Electorate locations linked to Members of Parliament photographs.
  • Member of Parliament contact lists.

These are three very useful things for we lobbyists, and for ordinary citizens, in spite of the great age of some of the photographs supplied to the Parliament.


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Labor’s Federal Strategy Gap

Bush, Bush, Rove

Photo by by Joyce N. Boghosian

It’s a commonplace election campaigning maxim that you try to match your opponent on the issues that make them strong – minimise the differences between you.  That’s why Federal Labor Leader Bill Shorten’s team are always intent on eventually backing national security-related initiatives of the Abbott Government.  It’s possible they also actually support those Government initiatives.

It doesn’t make Labor seem very strong on national security, because everyone can see what they are doing, but advocates of this tactic will say it keeps Labor in the game and their national security deficit of support is minimised as a liability.

The damage this does to internal ALP morale, and Labor’s credibility as leadership material, doesn’t show up when all you measure is which Party is seen as better able to manage national security, or immigration, or …

It’s this policy matching, of course, which has got Labor and Australia to the unspeakably disgusting place we are, with our treatment of refugees.

Karl Rove, US republican bad-boy, had a better idea: he’s always said you must find your opponent’s strength, and attack it: that is, attack your opponent on their strengths.  If you prise off only a small proportion of their support, it’s still a much bigger number of voters than you can convert by attacking them on their weaknesses, where you should already have maximised your support.

Tony Abbott’s polled strengths (eg national security) are his greatest potential weakness, because they are all perception and not reality – they are all, every last one of them, eminently open to reversal, and Abbott Government support quite susceptible of being cut.  All Labor has to do is apply vision and courage.


Minority Government CAN Work Better


Photo pinched from Paul Henderson’s Facebook profile

Minority Government* can improve decision-making.

Then-Northern Territory Chief Minister Paul Henderson and I had a good chat – in early 2011 – about how his Government was working: his observations were acute, surprising and valuable.

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New Queensland LNP Opposition Front Bench

Lawrence Springborg

Lawrence Springborg

Queensland Liberal National Party Leader Lawrence Springborg has announced the new Opposition front bench and leadership team, on Friday 20 February 2015.


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