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Lobbying: When Do I Go Political?

pexels-photo-277052-smallWhen should you make your business or community issue political?  “Never” is the answer from which you should start.

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Peta Credlin & Political Leadership

peta-and-tony-smallI enjoy freaking out my friends by telling them I like Peta Credlin, formerly Tony Abbott’s Chief of Staff.  Genuinely, I think she was a woman treated unfairly, that she was smart, tough and capable.  Her politics, sure, were an issue.

Now she’s spoken about gender …

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Jointly Venturing: Wider Services & Capabilities

Ethical Consulting Services are thrilled to announce we’re now a partnership between former Queensland Government Minister Stephen Robertson and Government Relations specialist Mike Smith.

Stephen brings new specialties to the business – particularly inbound investment facilitation and project facilitation – beyond those Mike previously offered clients, so

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Queensland Election: Liberal National Party Review Released

Photo by Andrew Kesper

Photo by Andrew Kesper

On January 31, 2015, Queensland’s Liberal National Party lost State Government by a small margin, after having taken Government in 2012 with a record swing and a huge majority in the Queensland parliament.

Today the LNP released their review of what went wrong for them, and you can download it here …

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How to Get That Meeting

knock-minister-door-smallIt’s no use having the best idea in the universe, if it requires Government input yet you can’t get to talk about it with a Government Minister* or senior public servant**.

There are many ways to secure that meeting, but all require effort and planning; not all are suitable for every issue, nor all the time.  They include

  • Write a letter/send an email,
  • Ask a Member of Parliament or political advisor to secure it,
  • Meet at a Community Cabinet,
  • Meet at a Party Conference business centre, or
  • Meet at a Party fundraiser.

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New Northern Territory Government-in-Waiting

gunner_michaelThe new Northern Territory Labor Shadow Cabinet announced today by Territory Opposition Leader Michael Gunner includes a new  portfolio of Open and Transparent Government*, to be held by the Opposition Leader himself.

Michael might be a bit unknown to those outside the Territory, even though he has a very good chance to be the next Chief Minister.  You can learn a bit about him …


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Resigned To It

heart-brain-smallThere’s too many opportunities for the Queensland media to suggest a conflict of interest exists, in having a lobbyist on the Australian Labor Party’s Administrative Committee, so I resigned last Monday*.

There isn’t inevitably a conflict of interest, and any potential for conflict is quite manageable, but that wouldn’t necessarily be how the media would paint it.

Too many might revel in the opportunity to confect and manipulate a story about, for example, how corporate interests can intervene in debate to take revenge on uncooperative Ministers, or how lobbyists in such roles can transfer sensitive information to clients**.

With the Palaszczuk Government lacking a majority, and lobbyists always an easy, available, and vulnerable target, it seems unwise to leave open an avenue of attack.

The New South Wales Branch of the Australian Labor Party, and the Liberal Party nationally, have banned lobbyists’ membership of their Administrative Committee equivalents, and in the Liberal Party’s case their national equivalent, too.

My strongest interest as an Administrative Committee member has been reforming the culturegovernance and communications of the Australian Labor Party: I am sure this agenda will be continued by others, including new State Secretary Evan Moorhead, but I’ll have to pursue these issues in other forums.


* Effective in a couple of weeks.
** No such proposition would reflect the truly bureaucratic tedium that is the Administrative Committee agenda.


Politics Needs Fewer Sales Staff, More Business Development Managers

business-development-sign-smallOne problem with Australian politics – and most UK and US politics too – is most Party leaders* are sales staff, not business development managers.

They’re after the quick business/quick sales so that their sales cycle numbers – the next election – look good, but it is at the expense of long-term customer acquisition:

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Strategy Needs Strategy

From "Your Strategy Needs a Strategy"

From “Your Strategy Needs a Strategy”

There’s a new book coming out in June, called Your Strategy Needs a Strategy: How to Choose and Execute the Right Approach.  In anticipation, one of the authors has been laying out some of the book’s core propositions in a series of LinkedIn articles.

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Queensland Premier Palaszczuk: : Investing in Merit?

seesawIf you’ve ever watched the filling of Cabinet advisor jobs after an election, you would be aghast: across all political parties, narrow networks, factional partisans, warlord loyalists, mates of mates, and the staff from the previous (losing) Government of the same Party, are usually the principal sources of political advisors.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has insisted on a new way:

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