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Lobbying: When Do I Go Political?

pexels-photo-277052-smallWhen should you make your business or community issue political?  “Never” is the answer from which you should start.

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Peta Credlin & Political Leadership

peta-and-tony-smallI enjoy freaking out my friends by telling them I like Peta Credlin, formerly Tony Abbott’s Chief of Staff.  Genuinely, I think she was a woman treated unfairly, that she was smart, tough and capable.  Her politics, sure, were an issue.

Now she’s spoken about gender …

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Australia’s New Government

Photo: Veni Markovski

Photo: Veni Markovski

Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s new Prime Minister, announced his first Ministry on Sunday 20 September 2015.  They will be sworn in on Monday.

There are many significant  changes, including:

    • An increase in the number of women in Cabinet from two to five (Michaelia Cash, Kelly O’Dwyer, Marise Payne will join Julie Bishop and Sussan Ley);
    • Joe Hockey, Bruce Billson, Eric Abetz, Ian Macfarlane, Kevin Andrews and Michael Ronaldson are all leaving the Ministry, some apparently volunteering to go



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Queensland Election: Liberal National Party Review Released

Photo by Andrew Kesper

Photo by Andrew Kesper

On January 31, 2015, Queensland’s Liberal National Party lost State Government by a small margin, after having taken Government in 2012 with a record swing and a huge majority in the Queensland parliament.

Today the LNP released their review of what went wrong for them, and you can download it here …

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How to Get That Meeting

knock-minister-door-smallIt’s no use having the best idea in the universe, if it requires Government input yet you can’t get to talk about it with a Government Minister* or senior public servant**.

There are many ways to secure that meeting, but all require effort and planning; not all are suitable for every issue, nor all the time.  They include

  • Write a letter/send an email,
  • Ask a Member of Parliament or political advisor to secure it,
  • Meet at a Community Cabinet,
  • Meet at a Party Conference business centre, or
  • Meet at a Party fundraiser.

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More? Women. Now?

7/8 of the women in the 2015 Queensland Cabinet - Coralee O'Rourke isn't in this shot

7/8 of the women in the 2015 Queensland Cabinet – Coralee O’Rourke isn’t in this shot

Very few people will disagree that politics needs to be more representative of the community – if we were truly choosing candidates on merit we would see more women politicians, more indigenous Australians, more migrants and their descendants, and proportionately fewer middle-aged, heterosexual, anglo men.

After the 2015 Queensland State election, the Labor side of the Queensland Parliament is 37% women. Overall the Queensland Parliament is 28% women.

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Members of Parliament: Photos, Contacts, Electorates

parl houseThe Queensland Parliament has updated and issued three guides to the current Parliament:

  • Photographs* of Members of Parliament, sorted by electorate name
  • Electorate locations linked to Members of Parliament photographs.
  • Member of Parliament contact lists.

These are three very useful things for we lobbyists, and for ordinary citizens, in spite of the great age of some of the photographs supplied to the Parliament.


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Politics Needs Fewer Sales Staff, More Business Development Managers

business-development-sign-smallOne problem with Australian politics – and most UK and US politics too – is most Party leaders* are sales staff, not business development managers.

They’re after the quick business/quick sales so that their sales cycle numbers – the next election – look good, but it is at the expense of long-term customer acquisition:

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National Security Threat: Tony Abbott

HOW many flags?****

HOW many flags?****

The tiny few Muslims who support the evil of Daesh/ISIS, Boko Harem, Jemaah Islamiyah and their like can’t defeat the rest of the world.  It’s only if the other 1.5 billion Muslims on the planet support them, that more unwilling people can be forced to submit to ISIS’s perversion of the Quran*, hadith and sira.

And how can those extremist groups grow big?  By appealing to those Muslims who are marginalised and angry, by persuading them the best possible response to a world stacked against Islam is an anger-driven, murderous jihad** entirely at odds with the Quran.  And by persuading them that when Islam or Muslims are attacked and smeared by Western politicians, you have to fight back against the whole culture that facilitates it.

How do they make that appeal?  By demonstrating the persistent, enduring, pervasive marginalisation of Muslims by western society, and the moral bankruptcy of western society.

How do they demonstrate that marginalisation?  In part, by pointing at the likes of Tony Abbott*** and Jacqui Lambie, and using everything they can to prove those loose lips speak for all of us.  When populist politicians speak they often claim to speak for all of us, and that’s of great use to ISIS.

The intellectually and ethically lazy xenophobia of the Abbott Government drives Muslims toward jihad, endangers Australians, and is one of the greatest threats to Australia’s national security.


* I’m not a supporter of Islam and the Quran, or Christianity and its Bible, or Judaism and the Torah …
** Lesser jihad, possibly:
*** “Nationalism does nothing but teach you how to hate people that you never met. And all of a sudden you take pride in accomplishments you had no part in whatsoever …” – Doug Stanhope
**** “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” – Samuel Johnson (but these days it is the first refuge of so many).   “Nationalism is power hunger tempered by self-deception” – George Orwell.

Minority Government CAN Work Better


Photo pinched from Paul Henderson’s Facebook profile

Minority Government* can improve decision-making.

Then-Northern Territory Chief Minister Paul Henderson and I had a good chat – in early 2011 – about how his Government was working: his observations were acute, surprising and valuable.

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