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Voting is Now Voluntary in Australia

Voting is now voluntary in Australia, as a result of a magistrate’s decision in New South Wales – read about it here:




Queensland Election 2017 – Sunday’s Status

Queensland Election 2017 – Sunday’s Status here:




Queensland Election: Liberal National Party Review Released

Photo by Andrew Kesper

Photo by Andrew Kesper

On January 31, 2015, Queensland’s Liberal National Party lost State Government by a small margin, after having taken Government in 2012 with a record swing and a huge majority in the Queensland parliament.

Today the LNP released their review of what went wrong for them, and you can download it here …

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Minority Government CAN Work Better


Photo pinched from Paul Henderson’s Facebook profile

Minority Government* can improve decision-making.

Then-Northern Territory Chief Minister Paul Henderson and I had a good chat – in early 2011 – about how his Government was working: his observations were acute, surprising and valuable.

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Queensland Labor Government: Big Agenda

Queensland's State Labor Leader, Annastacia PalaszczukRumour had it Queensland Labor had no policies in the 2015 State Election, but there are plenty …



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